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To help you rest your thinking mind.

This small moment between dragging yourself and stopping yourself.

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When finishing today’s design I was noticing, how I am looking at it from apart. You know the kids do that when they look from side to side. I was thinking about going for a meal or continuing doing it. You give it a touch here and there, and that’s probably a moment where you should stop and continue after a meal.

A teaching from a Master

The first time I came across this idea was when watching GQ video with a Japanese designer. He was telling a story how when he was creating a chair, he went to show it to the master, and…

This one is for writers who experience this rush of anxiety before clicking the publish button and then push themselves to not feel it.

Found a 2month old draft of article that still holds an value. So sharing it now.

Just a few moments ago, I was writing the advice for my younger self to listen to my feelings how they are always honest.

And when wanting to click the publish button, I probably asked myself: “Okay publishing?” Which started an anxiety tornado that ended up upon re-editing the title of the article back and forth probably 7 times.

Do you see the irony? I was even anxious to share it on Facebook, because I know when I feel those feelings that somewhere in…

And how following it, I find out why it was a more clever approach how to cut the wood.

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Today when trying to create a table for my computer work set, I met a strange situation.

While I was going to cut the board there appeared an idea to cut it from a other side.

“This doesn’t make sense” looking at the other side.

I continued and while putting the cutter to the board, I felt this: “Don’t do this.” I put it aside and looked at it again.

It was in a worse situation, the corner where like bitten off. I was working with wood. The whole side was more dirty. The rectangle lines were already made. Just…

A small sketch from the construction environment looking at how you can translate jealousy into something useful.

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Imagine a situation. Two construction guys are walking inside a building, sitting to finally eat their bread. One of them goes to panoramatic window and glanced a guy in a restaurant across the street.

“Look at that prick.”
“He thinks he is something more than me in this nice suit, and here is your warm soup Mrs rich.”
“I am here, in those dirty clothes, eating a fucking bread with ham,”
kicking the dust under his feet.

Buddy: “I can give you my cherries if you ...”
“I also want that.” turning back at his buddy with a desperate look.

What happens when you play one of the videos of: “Becoming Mr. Right rather than Mr. Nice guy.”

I was just watching Jordan Peterson talk. You know those motivational clips of videos talking how to be not a nice guy, but assertive. Yeah those, you should watch it. I think it all falls on the Assertive word. Nobody wants to be assertive. It’s sounds horrible.

“Assertive? What’s wrong with you man?”

“No, I am training assertive training, I don’t like you labeling me.”

“Jesus somebody needs to be nicer here.”

See it’s all marketing. Even the whole sound of that word. Yeah, whatever.

The topic I wanted to talk about was Jordan Peterson and his lectures. Now when…

And some revolutionary ideas what we can do about it.

Please take this seriously. It’s really important for you to take this seriously. Otherwise, there would be no pooping revolution.

Have you ever notice how when you sit on our toilets it pushes your load back?

Like, I was recently breathing to my belly, everything deep breaths and it rewarded me with a poop need. “I don’t see that on the label. Hey mom! Do you know something about the connection between abdominal breathing and poops?”

So, full of anticipation, I went on a toilet. Okay, first I let the fresh air come in, after my predecessor. While I was…

What happens when you start saying the things that you are most afraid and embarrass to say.

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Do you have this friend that you look up to? Not in the idol way, or something. It’s just you envy a bit what he is doing. He is creative and you just: “Good for you lad.” It’s almost like you see within him a version of the You, you can be.

Some coincidence, I’ve stumbled upon his photo and wrote: “Hey man, I found your photo,” put a joke how he can improve a bit. Few words passed by, and he wrote: “Hey what do you do now?”

I stopped look in front of me and thought what I…

For people who had lost their article. And are looking for an experience buddy to not feel alone.

You know something like getting F grades and sharing with another F grade classmate. Next comes just the raw emotions that were happening right after it.

Ou the fucking fuck I just finished, I don’t even want to write about it. Fucuuuuuuuuuck fuck . I just finsihed a writing a piece about 4000 words, that I felt that there were articels I acan like gather thoughts from or stuf from it for at least week or make something, there were couple that I really enjoyed. It was flowing and it was written out of this honesty, the fuck. Why yehfhbebufebosdrhogerhuerugugeppugpurg.

What I’ve learned from 1 alive article and 115 not.

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“It’s not fair!” other articles crying in despair. Just kidding. I like all of my kids.

Out of the procrastination, I went to check my stats on medium. There were pure 0 views and 0 reads one’s, which I am okay with. Then scrolling down all of a sudden I notice this 74 figure. “What the duck?” I chuckled over it.

I knew about that article. He was hovering around 20 but somehow he was growing by itself! “This is probably what those phantom views are.” I was noticing views on my stats that I had hard time explaining. That…

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