A lesson from pulling a t-shirt from sweater.

For people who sometimes push their writing too hard.

Have you ever experience your t-shirt being stuck inside a sweater? You try to pull him through the neck hole and it’s just super not working?

I did today, and I saw it as a nice metaphor for writing too.

What I did was stopped a bit, looked at the knot in front of me, and pulled gently on one side. It worked the t-shirt was free from the jaws of the sweater.

And I see with writing you can probably use that tactic too.

You try to pull the right sentence from your mind really hard, and it’s not working. So you try harder and harder and getting more frustrated.

Maybe, as with the sweater, wait, look at what you’re trying to express, and approach it gently. You be surprised over what you’ve written.

I recommend writing it all over again. Not looking at the sentences already written but giving it another go. Just align the intention what is it that you try to say.

Yeah, I am going deep here.

I just there were a lot of times when I tried really hard and just knot into the thoughts even harder.

And when approached gently and with a playful mind I was surprised how effortless what I wanted to say was.

A lot of this small moments of teaching all over your day. Keep your eyes open.



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Photo by Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash

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