A small moment of a celebration

“Have you said something, I didn’t hear you!” putting down the headphones.

Sister: “Yeah I did.”

“What was it?”

Sister: “Today I finished the house building! Officially.”

“He hey, that’s great! Wait a minute I want to congratulate and hug you,” stood up and went to do it.

Some hugging and clapping later.

Sister: “I still need to finish the room floor, though.”

“Oh come on! I don’t like that language, you are free spirit now!”

I just wanted to share it as an observation that I tend to forget to celebrate. Today I did but, aren’t there more small moments to celebrate? “He hey, another morning let’s celebrate.” However those tend to fade away under the blanket of repetition.

I remember hitchhiking with one guy who said: “I needed to learn how to celebrate back again. I just wasn’t doing it as much.” “To stop and enjoy the moment before marching into another to do thing.” That’s what his blind spot was and I can see it now.

And it does make sense. It seems more easy to focus on the pains and sorrows, mainly because we didn’t need to focus on a chill time as much as a lion time. Okay, that was some evolution lesson right there.

“You know what?”

Sister: “What?”

“Today the two astronauts that we watched together last time, landed back on earth.”

Sister: “Huh, another coincidence.”

Yeah, Elon was happy that he saw Bob and Doug home: “Frankly, I just came here to see Bob and Dug …. I think this is a nice moment for the whole humanity.”

I kinda agree. I smiled when I saw those two people come in the cloud of happy exhaustion, sitting there looking forward to meeting with their families. It was probably a bumpy ride though, coming back home on the Crew Dragon 2. But it symbolizes a future that I look forward too.

Yeah, small moments big day. Find a small moment to celebrate too, and try to celebrate. Pat yourself at the back or say: “Vuhuu”. I just did.

Now I am going back to my room accompanied by an unwanted roommate. A fly. But today's one is this big chunky green one. The one that sits on a poop you know?

I am even afraid of her. If this one would sit on my bottom lip, I don’t know for how long would I clean it. Also, the fly is a bit chill slash stupid mode too bumping into computer and window.

See the evolution playing out here again? As I said Lion times equals more attention. Hug on you human, have a nice time. See ya tomorrof.

Bye, Luke.

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