Hey people and world, today I’ve had an idea I want to share with you.

You know when there is a moment during the day when all of a sudden you see something clearly. You understand it and it make sense to you. The moment of insight?

Yeah, for the last few days I was noting them for myself, to remember them better.

It all started after my fasting challenge. Each day after meals I wanted to note how I feel, to see which meals I feel clear and peaceful after and which I am not.

I was planning to go back to the notes after the challenge, and make an analysis or something. But I noticed something strange.

Each time I noted how I feel, the knowledge became more alive within me. It was alive to a point that I no longer felt called to go back and re-read it or analyze the notes.

It almost was like the action of noting made the insight more understandable and a part of me, so there was no need to go back and learn it again. It updated me as I was going.

Today when I was noting I notice that I would like to go back to writing again. Somehow. My north star seems to be writing a loooong story.

So I thought: ”What if I would connect those two. The practice of storytelling and noting. I would note it either way and someone may find it interesting or valuable too, if I share those ‘Aha’ moments.”

So here I am, handwriting it on paper, on a day one. I want to do them till Christmas. See you tomorrow.

Thank you for reading, have a peaceful day and eat a carrot or something.



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