Awareness Even During Being Asleep

How one meditator spiked my interest by saying it out loud.

Yesterday, listening to Mingyur Rinpoche talk. I heard how there is a state of awareness that you would be aware even if you would change to sleeping sleep.

Writing it now, I don’t even know if I get him correctly. No, I think I heard even another guy talk about it. Sadhguru. He also said that look what happens when you hold this connection to awareness, when falling asleep.

When I heard it, I was like:”I need to experience that.” Somehow it sounded so Cool to be present or aware when the sleeping state is happening.

Thats that. Mingyur is a great teacher I enjoy listening to him. Listening to him before sleep felt nice.

It’s not maybe the content of his talk, but rather the sound of his voice. I found myslef, or my mind getting in a more calm state just hearing him.

The same experience I’ve had with Alan Watts. Even when going for a long walks I used to listen to him. You just want to hear them speak: “Speaking about chickens…” I don’t care. I want to hear you. Nothing against chickens. Peace.

There are many more but those I found called to. And Douglas Harding. His talks about creativity oh boy. Here is the link on YouTube.

Okay I will cut it here, I think I was just prolonging the point.

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