Being a supercar like writer, a car addict talk.

Yes, even if you would suck at all others everyday writing things. It would be forgotten if the experience is great.

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Don’t be a Honda Accord when writing, be an Audi RS5 V8 FSI 2013.

Okay here is what I mean by that.

I am a pretty crazy to the cars and it’s something that I don’t quite go around and scream to the world. I keep it to myself and try to contain the passion itself under a bonnet, so I don’t spend a crazy amount of time there.

I don’t think the petrol engines are doing a good for the nature and all those stuff. You would label me with a badge of “Tesla fanboy” any time hearing me speaking about cars.

However, when it comes to an experience of this stupidly dangerous thing that we do as monkeys; driving a loud car, I am fully in love with it. I am sorry.

I just ended up watching a video where a guy drove an older Audi RS5. And I couldn’t bring myself to do anything else, to just smile each time he went over the 7000rpms revving the naturally aspirated V8 engine. Hauling of the pipe system was; unexplainable. Why is this so: “I want to experience it too?”

I probably would not spend money on that thing in any way or form. All day nature tribe! But each time I finish watching one of those videos, I am immediately thinking: “Well if I do good with stand-up comedy, I may buy it in the future. Like 35 grands it’s not that much.”

Then I go over all the super cars, Lotuse Exige, and Lotus Elise S240 and compare them all in my head. It’s just stupid but that’s how it plays out sometimes. Whoever is reading this article and being somehow still here. This is what I wanted to say.

You may have mistakes here and there, plot, character and bla bla. It doesn’t matter if you are so original as the sound of the RS5 is. And most importantly when you would produce a new article, the old ones don’t get old. They would be still great like a wine, and I don’t even like using a wine metaphor.

I have some of those articles and you probably also have. The ones you go back to, even though they are not grammatically correct, and you could improve them here and there. But when you read them it always gets you smiling.

And isn’t writing about that?

About the experience that you’ve got when reading it. To inspire you and other people in a way that when they go away from the computer, they still would refer to it when talking with friends: “I’ve just read this article last time and let me tell you..” Recalling it after a long time, like they did the Audi RS5 from a year 2013.

So here I am spitting it all out, feeling really pulled apart because I don’t want young people to enjoy the sound of petrol engines too. I think it’s super irresponsible and stupid in any way possible looking at the car ownership and all the damage it does to an earth.

We are well over the time to go all electric transportation and let the few of supercars gets cheap so the nuts like me can dream of buying them.

And let me tell you with electric cars there is an experience to enjoy. It’s just a different one and much, much harder to transfer via video. And most importantly you wouldn’t be broke forever and the earth wouldn’t be destroyed for a fart sounds. But do they fart great.

I should just buy a car game, superb headphones and a wheel for a computer and use all of my experience fantasies there. “Agh!” I would still probably miss the vibration though.

Oh, and by the way I didn’t ride a car for a long time, already. I’m just less called to do it and I also see driving kinda dangerous. Self-driving cars “go go go”.

See that’s what I talk about. Write articles that you would come back to and enjoy even if it’s stupid to do so.

Yeah, this one was written over a one sitting, after watching stream of YouTube videos till 1:32 pm, and for some reason being really passionate about.

See you people,

You know what is funny? When I wrote the article and read it in the night, I thought: “This is my best article yet, I would use this methaphore of cars from now on.”

It was written in fast pace of passionate talk, but reading it today I thought: “It’s kinda, not that great as I remember it was.”

Hopefully, I transferred at least few of the ideas. The main idea being: “Make an supercar-like experience while writing.”

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