Boosting creativity by changing the environment.

A story how changing my seating position, changed my whole day creatively.

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Today was a big cleaning day and when putting outside the carpet, I encountered a dilemma: “Would I move the table back to its usual position or I would sit from the other side of it.”

“Ahh, just sit and do your stuff,” I replied internally wanting to move on. But I didn’t. A feeling was holding me back telling me, to try it out. “The computer is positioned differentially, all the cables are that way. Okay, fine!” I went for it. I sat from the other side of the table, and already started smiling. “That’s funny.”

And what happened then, well a lot actually. I designed a lot faster, created a fun animation and shared on LinkedIn. Then wrote an article for LinkedIn too! I just was creative a lot.

Okay, “hrrr” (horse stopping sounds), are you telling that’s only the different position. No, I don’t want to say that that alone did it. It probably helped not to fall into the sugar hole too and exercising in the morning. But all together, the position was probably the biggest change.

Do you know what they say: “I’ve got a different point of view” You got one when facing a different direction your whole day. Literally.

It doesn’t need to be sitting from the other side, it could be going to a different room, when you are not used to working. Like kids room and then thinking there about solving problems. A different environment from the usual.

When there is a bit of different something, you may also find a bit different not usual paths to your problems.

I just imagined someone doing bat style position typing to a computer. Creativity approved! Even though, I am floor gang. Sorry ceiling people.

Yeah, one creative unusual step for you too, human.

Bye and see you tomorrof! (I post every day here, but sometimes I don’t feel like sharing it more.)


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