Close Look at the Chemicals Behind Waking Up

A look behind the curtain of what is happening inside our bodies when we are crawling out of bad. The physiology stuff and you know.

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Hey hey, I don’t know where this would end, but I would like to look at what is happening when waking up in your body. Like the chemicals and stuff. Please everyone who has knowledge in that subject, doctors, nurses, don’t read it for your own intellectual sanity. Here we go.

The first thing a big boy that plays a role here is a hormone called melatonin. What I know about him is he don’t like coffee. Yeah, they probably are like divorced or something. When the melatonin is up you’re ready to sleep. When there is something other up, that’s cortisol coming. I’m sorry girls you need to pretend for now, that you have something up.

Hey doctors, is there a correlation with cortisol coming and the blanket hovering over your body. I don’t think so, when there is stress that’s what cortisol suggest, there is no waking up of man's body parts. Right boys, we all know that. First time, she is sexy, stakes are high.

Okay moving on, do I know any other names from the world of hormones. No that’s all. See that’s what you call poorly researched guy. Now I drop myself into a big brain mode and try to spread out some deep hypothesis. I see those hormones as big measurements, of something that you feel. You feel sleepy, then group of people, measured something and said — “this is pretty reliable to measure, and it correlates to people going to sleep.” Then they made a ritual dance in their lab clothes. That’s how I imagine new discoveries are celebrated. Please scientist don’t let me down.

Back to the research topic. Now cortisol. He is the opposite of the melatonin. They just don’t like their presence. Like you and mosquitos. You can bear a certain amount of them 0, but any more than the 0, and you are out. “I can’t stand it, there are mosquitos, compared to my grandma WW2 experience this is nothing.”

Moving on. This is what I always share and people don’t like me. I just go to the room, they talk about the drinking of coffee in the evening and my internal talk start to rump up. It’s all the Matthew Walker, fault. Then I speak out and the situation, get tense, they want to defend their drinking coffee in the evening, I pretend like I don’t care but I really do. So I start spitting out the effect on your Non-REM sleep stage 4 phase of sleep. I don’t know what they were doing when they come up with that name, but I bet they were pretty tired. You see similar naming in your files when it’s too late.

Back to the topic in hand oh yeah, waking up. No I would not finish the ideas over the interaction coffee and melatonin and it’s effect on deep sleep. I want to be listened to okay? I burned myself too much explaining that thing. Oh yeah, Alcohol fucks your dreams. That’s why you are so fucking emotionally unstable. And dehydrated also. But that some other stuff. See people who have knowledge in those stuff, I told you, you shouldn’t read this.

Now back to waking up. I just want to know, what happens when the opening of eyes, in my case just being aware of not wanting to open my eyes, is happening again in this chemical content. I do know from Mr Walker that we wake up because of our body temperature going up not because of the light. Oh, did you know that in your eyes there are stuff, let’s call them stuff its pretty precise word, small number of those that are sensitive to the blue light. What is that? Read, study, educate. Now they start to wiggle their asses, wake up all the others neurons with resting potential and start to set up your internal clock. I avoid the proper name circadian rhythm, I don’t want to be taken too much as I am, an intelligent folk.

Have you ever tried to take your finger and circle a clock pointer, normal clock that nobody can read now. The one with two sticks. One shorter, another longer mounted on a porcelain plate with odd Roman numerals. That’s it. That’s what the sun is doing. No, that doesn’t mean you should look at the sun. Don’t do it. Please why, I need to even tell you this. Now we have reset our clocks. Now imagine being me waking up like a hooligan, and resetting my clock all the time. Sometimes not going outside to a normal sun, and then in the evening bombarding those sensors with screens blue light. If you know something about resetting the porcelain clock with finger, it makes strange sounds and you are worried that you break it. That’s how we may see our bodies too. Let’s set the clock and don’t mess with it.

You can listen to me. I am a guy that knows all that shit, but still in reality do something different while watching mechanical boxes rolling over an asphalt in a fast pace looking which would cross an 1/4 mile line with a meat inside faster. Yeah, that’s right I am pretty sure I can’t blame my evolutionary parts on that because there were not mechanical boxes in the past.

Where were we, oh yes another thing that what is happening when waking up. So we established, higher temperature, that means in the evening my body reacts to decrease temperature. Cortisol falling, melatonin rising. Ying and jang, Thanos and well the rest, Captain Marvel was overpowered right. But still got a punch. Back to the science. I am sorry science for shitting all over your name, with my thoughts. Hopefully you would live through it, but I am not the worst one. Yeah, do you know the radio people telling: “Scientists from America” those are making the opposite effect of credibility. Here we go another of the moments not having the right word.

Now so what have we learned today, be colder, be darker in the evening be warmer and lighter in the morning. Oh, I am getting poetic vibes out of it. Not to get sentimental here. There were people who their insomnia get curated by putting them in a suit and decreasing temperature a little. What interest me is did they had hole down there or was it also covered with the suit. I wouldn’t want my stick to get cold.

Sleep naked, fresh air, don’t think shit going to sleep, don’t eat, eat in the morning. Yeah, sounding like grandma but why do you always forget about it all, every fricking day. Yeah, don’t drag here your dopamine reward system that’s for another talk.

I hope you enjoyed this highly researched article. Have a good sleep, and funny wake ups. Not hiccups, wake ups. Even thought the hiccups may be fun. I wonder what is happening when you make the hickup sound in your bo…


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