Cooking time estimation

Looking at the overcrowded sink, I shoved the last pieces of a meal to my mouth and finally felt a bit relieve from hunger.

I glanced the time and was bamboozled by it: “Have I just spent 2 hours plus on cooking?” “Yes, I did,” and finished another chopstick bite of mixed potatoes with cheese. (It’s so strange to translate traditional foods like “halušky s bryndzou” into English.)

Going back to the process, I was thinking if there were signals along the way that this would take me much longer than I first anticipated.

Well, maybe the first one was:”You are making them first time.” Yeah this one could give me a hint to it. I saw how others did it. Well, okey I usually saw only the last part; serving. What? It looked simple.

For my defense, when I said to my supervisor that I want to make them, she usually replied: ”Yeah you just do this and that and this, and its done. Easy.” Yeah, easy.

The second: “A hunger is right behind my ass, chasing me.” Maybe I should start while I feel hunger on a scale 1(let me not move) — 10(I would eat wood skin) around 5. Today, I probably started at 6–7.

The third signal. Cooking a soup at the same time as the meal. I just didn’t want to let the potatoes butt naked lying on a plate. Its kinda cold, and they prefer skin or hot water. They are not happy naked: ”Yeah you know how to put down the skin, and not finish us?!” What to say, potatoes.

The forth one: “Someone was in the kitchen cooking too.” Another guy wanted to take my plate. I needed to fight with a promt: ”Hey that’s my, take another one.” Yeah thought ownership is always opposite to fun. But there weren’t that much collisions of tools just this atmosphere of crowdedness.

To summarize it, when one wants “halušky” one makes “halušky” even if he needs to bend the spacetime.

Yeah, not really. The signals that predicts how much time one would spend on a thing are: experience none, hungry ape, skinless potatoes, one plate and the last one: “Just don’t cook hungry.”

Extracting the insights from those pointers is a skill by itself.

Jokes on you. Well, maybe me because I need to clean it all up and spend even more time.

Cook fed, you human.

Bye and remember another day another story,


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