Coping with uncertainty in coronavirus times.

In these times, some of us may experience more anxiety checking the news than usual.

Motivated by it, I decided to create a play to shine a bit of a light into these late night situations.

Without further redo and a help of psychological concepts (Ego, Super ego and Wisdom) lets jump into it! Enjoy.

One late evening, you were sitting in a soft couch, wondering: “What are the news today, about the corona situation?”

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Ego: ”Oh no, 100 new cases today.”

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Ego: “Ahh, they tell us we need to obey the restrictions, at least, till end of April?!”

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Wisdom silently: ”Notice.”

Ego: “They also don’t know, when this all would end. It could take much longer.” says with slight anxiety, in his voice.
Anxiety: “We don’t know when this all could end?”

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Anxiety: “What if, I would be closed here for another 3 months. What would I do here all this time?” slowly starting to spin the worrying wheel.

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Wisdom: ”Notice.”

Anxiety wanted to stop the feeling and went back to ask.

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Anxiety: ”What would we do about it?”
Ego: ”I don’t know?!”, replies.
Super ego: “There is nothing we can do about it, okay? So stop freaking out!” with a fairly upset tone.

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Anxiety:”Stop freaking out?!” his voice just jump, up and down.

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Anxiety starts to walk around and with urge in his voice saying: “We need to do something!”

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Ego: ”Just, just, don’t worry, I would go back and find some answers.”
Repeats news search.
Ego: ”Look, here there are saying to us, it will peaked about one month from now.”
Anxiety: ”Oh okay”, feels a bit of relieve.

Anxiety: ”Are you sure?” ask with a high pitch tone.
”It’s just a guess.” Super ego interrupts superciliously.

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Ego internally: ‘Okay, I am starting to feel anxious too. I need to do something else.’
Ego: “Ohh, lets watch YouTube!”

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Half an hour later…

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“Okay, still anxious, here we go again” and clicks the next video.

After a while

Scanning which video to click next, he catches with a corner of his eye, the time. “Ohh no, it’s so late already? I need to go to sleep!”

Lying in the bed.

‘Finally, sleep time!’ he sighs.
Super ego: “We still haven’t solved the problem.”

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Everybody freaks out again (except Super ego, he is upset).

Next day.

After the late night worrying spree, Ego starts to force glued eyes together, to open. After he accomplishes it, a friendly face greets him: “We slept only for 5 hours, I am pissed. We always do this …” Super ego going for a morning guilt rant.
Ego interrupts him saying: “I know, I know.”
After the morning shower of guilt, he goes to a living room, to seek advice from his old friend.


Wisdom talk

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Ego:”What should I do with these late night anxiety situations?”

Wisdom silently waits a bit and starts:

“The point here is to notice.”

“There were moments of pause you could notice something.”
Ego: ”I toughed, I hear something.”
Wisdom: ”When you notice worrying thoughts appearing and anxiety coming in, just be with them.” “You can also use this small meditation practice.”

Ego:”I like the name.”

Bring your attention into your pinky toe, and observe: ”How does it feels like?”

// 5 sec observation pause //

“Is it tingling or pressure?”

// 10 sex pause // (Super ego: “Haha, you’ve said sex!”)

Now in between you may notice your attention, being hijacked by anxious parts of your body. Follow these sensations and ask yourself.

“Where in my body can I feel the anxiety?”

// observation pause //

“How does it feel like?”

// pause //

“Is it cold or hot?”

// pause //

“Tightness or pressure? Just observe for a while.”

Ego:”That’s it? Not like reading the news or something else?”
Wisdom:”Would it change the situation in the world?”
Ego:”Not really.”

Wisdom:”And that’s the anxiety trap. When something that is uncertain by nature, meets sensation of anxiety, and we start to worry about it.
You think you are doing something, by worrying, and instead you are just tightening the anxiety, more and more.”


Anxiety inspired by my life and a friend.
Wisdom inspired by work of Psychiatrist and Neuroscientist Dr. Jud Brewer (here is a neat video about this topic (
youtube link))

Byee, and be compassionate with your anxiety. He is just trying to help you survive.


Do you have some other tactics how to cope with these situations?

Super ego:”Clap.”, Ego:”They need to want it.”, Super ego:”Yeah, yeah. Clap it!”

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