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Today’s one is about making a design decisions and not letting it slip through, just because it’s uncomfortable to actually make the damn decision.

I was designing a family logo, today. No not, that someone said, I should do it. I just, I wanted to create it as a gift for my brother-in-law. So I went for it.

Down the road of designing a sticker for his wallet that would remind him of a whole fam, I encounter a decision moment over a line length.

“Would I let it with a longer line here or shorter. Ah I would let the sticker with a text with longer line and sticker without the text shorter as it is now.”

Then I felt this strong feeling of “No decide and unite the design!” I was like “Okay, okay.” I guess I was just lazy and didn’t want to decide, again? It’s just after a lot of decision you are biased to rather create a story “Oh, that was my intention,” than making the actual design decision!

But I did it, zoomed out to see it as a whole. “Okay, this one is with short line,” and then changed for a longer line and took a look again: “Nah the shorter one, I feel more connected to.” See that’s all that I needed, few clicks and keyboard taps.

It was just a detail however, in a funny way, with visual stuff everything plays a role and even the slightest changes make the feeling of the whole different. Well they always make them different, that’s why it’s called change. But especially with visuals you can see it right away.

There is always a small change, where you need to pick if you want it or not.

You encounter those moments often while designing. The only thing that I would remind myself is to decide, pick a route and go. If it’s not the route to go I would see it down the road.

Just decide!

And I am glad that I did. It’s united now. It reminds me of what Steve Jobs once said: “We make mistakes, that’s good because it means that we’re making decisions,” just paraphrasing.

What he actually said is this: “And some mistakes will be made along the way, that’s good because at least some decisions are being made along the way.

See how I didn’t make the decision which sentence to pick and rather created a story for myself: “They want to see both, it’s important to repeat valuable teachings, twice.” That’s what I am talking about!

That’s about it for today. Decide and listen to your feelings they would tell you.

Bye and see ya tomorrof,


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