Poem for people who are stuck in front of papers thinking whether they should use this paper or that paper to draw.

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Should, I use this pen or that pencil?


Should, I use this paper or the new one from the shelf?


Should, I draw it like this or try something new?


Should, I eat first and then come back to it?


Should, I play this song or that?


What the creation? Why are you always saying draw.

Because that’s the only thing that matters, now.

At the moment when you are looking the uncertainty into the eyes, when all those questions arise,

That is the only thing you should do now.

Whether to use 7B or the 9B would come, when you start to draw with one.

Don’t be afraid you would know, when you have fallen into perfection hole.

Be afraid but draw, because that’s the only way you would know, the answers you so seek to know.

When you would take the step to draw.

Hit by a branch right in the face, but at least you fall forward to that place.

Use this movement, this energy you feel now, to do what you think you should create now.

Should I say to my father what I feel, first?

Well I don’t know! But what I know is to use this energy to draw and then I see his face in a less heavy way again.

So there is only one question present now.

Would you start to draw now?

No? Okay, then do whatever else you are called to.

Just Shia LeBoeuf do it!



Just writing.

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