Envy of My Ancestors Night Sky

Do you ever wonder looking at the night sky, how would it look like few thousand years ago? When there was just this pure night sky.

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Photo by Ryan Hutton on Unsplash

You know what I envy from my ancestors? No not the lack of food, no not the bear fights, and their athletic bodies, nice teeth, Amazonas like girls. No, none of that. What I envy is their night sky view.

I was just outside looking at it, and don’t get me wrong I could still see the stars and even glanced the Milky Way. But I keep thinking how would it look like, to every night see the full night, without any light.

The view needed to be mesmerizing. They probably didn’t need to hide behind an object from a beam of light coming from a public lamp. I just, think in cities, the light sources are probably so many, that you have hard time seeing anything. Doesn’t it even bring us more to look under our legs, rather than looking at the sky. To face down rather than up? Imagine if we all stopped for a moment and look at the glory simultaneously. They would probably be a lot of jaws dropping and stealing. Stealing of hearths, I meant, maybe even the other ones. Nobody would care maybe for that moment short.

You can find places for sure where you would find this experience still, but even though, wouldn’t it be great to have a more movement based light? You know the one in toilets, that is based on sensors. Granted it’s pretty shitty when you’re peeing and in the middle the light turns off. You need to move and pee outside so the sensors got you again. This may be not the best idea, I can see that. I’m just looking for ways how we can see it, free from the artificial light.

People on ISS may be pretty bamboozled. Imagine this movement based public lighting. They would see which cities are most active during the night. It would be like seeing ants with small lights going all over the earth. See, even for them it would be cool. ISS astronauts, do you want to join the toilet light initiative?

Granted, the neck can get pretty stiff looking up all the time. I just think it’s worth it. From time to time you can even get scared of the stars moving, but it’s just our satellites. I’m not sure if those are Starlink’s satellites from SpaceX or are they just normal ones. Because, I know that the Starlink ones should have a stealth mode.

Back to night sky, I am even thinking what would I say, as a reason. What would I propose as a motivation for you to consider the toilets lights. But I’ll probably keep quiet here, and let the night sky speak for itself.

Have a nice night sky looking and see ya,


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