Between Honesty and Ingenuity. My First Podcast Experience.

The teachings I write for myself, well for you too if you want to.

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I’ve just had my first podcast. And there are many things for me to learn from it.

The first thing is just connect whatever is alive within you. “Don’t understand what he just said” say it out loud. Joke about it, just make it obvious, express it out loud.

Second thing: Connect to what is alive within them. Don’t close to yourself, it’s more of a dance. If you let your guest dance for a long time alone, he might be unmotivated to continue dancing. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for a solo, just make sure when you go for a solo, you’ll put everything into it. You would just be full of the story that even them would like to watch you.

And that’s probably it. Those two things as simple as it may sound, are the two teachings I would like to repeat for myself. Okay, I just got a bit feelings of unsurenesss. There is probably something more here.

Yeah, this is it. The expression of your feelings. Like you may not like, you may wish them to be different, you may resist to them. Just fuck all of that. Be them, say them, express them out loud whatever it is.

What I usually find is the moment you connect, to those feelings, there is almost like an opening another world just opened in front of you where you can live. It’s fucking terrifying, let me tell you that. But also this is the pointer. Use your fear as a pointer to that thing. You don’t really know how the other person would react till you say it. You don’t.

After my first podcast, it’s still fresh I was thinking about it whole. I think I did a bit ingenue moves, I didn’t follow the things written up. There were moments… Here is the thing, I still fear, it’s uploading, and I just. Still think about it.

Or there was one big moment of not knowing, what was it, that I didn’t like feel so called to share. What I found out is that after the podcast I called my guest how does he feel, and he was a bit unsure. He was saying out loud that he is fine, but my body felt something. It wasn’t that much conscious of it, I was paying attention to what he says, but it did lasted in me the feeling. I felt probably even frustrated that I felt unsure about the publishing right after that. “Would I do podcast” even appeared. And the moment we spoke those things out loud, the opening happened.

Not only to post the podcast, but also to think about the situations you enjoyed. All of a sudden you see those small moments in this 1 and half hour. You see those funny sentences or words you’ve said.

The one thing I know for sure is this, if you would be radically honest to what you feel now and what’s alive in you everything rest would flow by itself. It’s that simple and yeah its that terryfying. But that’s the route only you, and you can walk.

And to finish it all I would like to encourage you with this. It’s just sits for the moment as ass on toilet.



Edit: My recording got compromised, so I have only 1/3 of it. Maybe, just maybe make a reserve recording somewhere.

Just writing.

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