Honesty as an energy source

I’ve run this experiment to see what comes out of honesty when writing. Under is just a stream of thoughts, coming out of this present, writing it honestly.

I started to wrote about radical honesty after watching a video about it. And When writing I noticed that each time I was honest to whatever I am writing I felt this energy flowing.

It’s almost like when you connect to whatever is present, now, here, you feel this energy. And each time you try to make a point or explain something out of the reach, you drag your energy out and lose it.

Here I would like to make a point but not really sure, If I want to. It’s about how we probably are using a tremendous amount of energy to keep the stories about ourselves running.

How the radical honesty to our feelings is the scary thing to do because they change. Sometimes in ways that you, its almost like each time you interpret a story why you did what you did you are late to a party. “Oh so I am late again? The feelings have changed already, fuck this. Why do I even try to fucking explain them.”

“Fuck this job.” oh funny me. It’s almost like ego tries to keep it together to make sense of it all. Especially to the writing. You know the scene in Nemo where they go into this I don’t even know how it’s called fast pace stream, Atlantic stream, that’s how it feels when you are connected to that thing.

Energized and fresh. Now I was checking if I am connected. Who knows. I do. No, a bit, I can feel it a bit.

I just put my head from side to side playing with how I look at my keyboard. And that’s probably the other aspect of this honest stream, it’s fun and playful. There is this well you play more. I don’t know what to say more here.

Yeah, maybe next time you’re writing something, try this connecting to what you really, really is there. It may be anxiety producing, and some sentences you’ll be like: “Okay I am not sure about writing this.” or it wouldn’t make sense. Or it would who knows. You’re writing and it’s a stream.

Honesty my dear fiend

Honesty honesty, where do you come from,
this place of never ending transform,
this place of ever present change,
thats the place that you are comming from.

So you’re saying that only when I connect to it,
that’s when I would fell the energy from it.

I know thats a good idea, but sometimes the stuff are just too, who knows what they are
Hard to judge.

The feelings you have under a bonnet holding them down.

The land of honesty never ending creativity.

Douglas Harding was a cool guy, he knew what I mean.

Bye and see you tomorrow,

This time writing it correctly,


Written by

Just writing.

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