Rant: How to assert oneself.

I looked outside the window and saw people working again.

“Would it be strange to go and meditate on a chair sun-shining near them?” Okey, the shame is pretty clear.

So I started to solve this pressing problem.

“Hmm, I wanna to go outside in the sun and avoid work”.

I said to myself: “I am a big boy already, I can assert myself”

Went outside saw a family member carrying a plastic tube, not even looking at me:”Okey, I can’t”

Someone saw me and asked with a look on his face “What are you doing here?”

“Oh nothing, just trying to find a place to hide from work, in the sun”.

Hi, all the people who know how to assert themselves! I meant hide, hide is what I meant.

Byee and take care,


I wonder how does one hand clap sound like.

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Just writing.

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