I’m Starting a YouTube Channel

How a YouTube video touched me to finally do the step.

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Hey people, this one is more easy. I just want to start a YouTube channel and totally forgot about the writing the article.

It’s fun to think about it. It was more spontaneous and who knows, well I do, what would be there, but the one thing that it all started was a video from exurb1a. A video about a worry.

The tone is basically: “He does a step, in the direction of worries,” and go that direction to logical conclusion. “Yeah, everybody would look at you when you fail, all 7 billion people, would stop their lives just to look at you how you failed.” From statistics on medium, I can definitely say they do.

I have 7 billions views on the ‘failed’ articles every time. No, really, he pushed it so far away that it felt preposterous. However, in a funny way there are those believe in the back of your mind running all the time.

Well at least in my, are. You know how preposterous they are, when you write them on a paper, look at them, and think: “Really?” But still, this feeling gets you there. It is almost like fuels the worry with a power so it becomes more trusted. The first thing I try to do is nothing. I do fricking nothing, I let them go from where they come from.

And when you resist or obey, as I usually do or do something about them.Then you are on the thought train ride, you may or may not choose yourself. Sometimes the ride is useful, but most of the time it’s useful just for this one reason: “I don’t want to go there anymore.”

The worry is a messenger, that brings you message to watch out for something, which is nice you can use it or let it be. I like them. The problem arise, when you don’t have the choice of using or letting it be. When you cycle in this never ending thought loops, “Would I do it, wouldn’t I do it?” Schrödinger cat of indecisiveness. Whether your relationship is the boss one: “Okay I would do everything just go away you, feeling.” or enemy one: ”No, that’s stupid” I wish you calm one. I went on a tangent here but it was fun right?

I don’t give you advice or tips how to deal with the anxiety there are a lot of tricks. I followed the path of meditation and one simple trick touching all my fingers to a thumb. That’s it. Okay maybe I just did, right here.

Jokes on me. The thing I wanted to say is; just be with the feelings, be here, be alive.

Hey before you go, okay you are here still reading vuhuu, this is what I just listened to and that’s what I needed, before starting artistry endeavors and you may enjoy it too.

Bye have a nice time,


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