Looking at Reactions to Your YouTube Videos

The experience of reading reactions to your creation and how to process it.

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I looked at the reactions. Even though I told myself, I would keep them away from me, for at least one moth.

You may already hear it in the tone of the sentence. I have mixed feelings. One that stuck around and was after a friend’s comment: “I couldn’t watch it past 1 minute. It was cringe.” It would be fine if I intended it to be cringy. But I didn’t. Well art do art stuff.

This friend has no agenda. He looks at it on his own, so I went to check his hypothesis. I saw it there and didn’t at the same time. You know there are moments of video when you don’t trust the dancer the performance, and moments where you laugh at his inability to move. Yeah, there are short moments of: “That was good.”

What I am maybe trying to find here now is advice for myself. How to eat the feedback and in the same time not to run each moment of creation to a toilet because what I just eat yesterday. Okay I may go more far away with this. I just want to freely create.

When I create it’s the feeling afterwards that lead me what would I do next with it. There isn’t anything else you should focus. “Was the camera angel good?” none of that perfection bullshit matters.

Was it honest? Was I alive?

After that video I can recall, it being alive. It was honest, that I am not super sure. But I went to dance again to another songs. I want this feeling of let’s dance cross from the video to the viewer too. I don’t want to be in this case too good you know? Otherwise, you may feel ashamed to come along.

Jokes inside I was thinking whether to delete it from Facebook. The idea of me getting viral on that video was starting to scary me a bit. Even though there may be other people reacting differently. My nephew liked it and laughed a lot. See? One laugh one cringe.

This whole article was just one big attempt of comments to not negatively affect who I am and what I create. And I do want somehow to find a way to receive the reactions. To live with them.

It seems like the best answer is to create. Just go there and create again. Feeling like the shame is behind the door? Okay use her invite her and create while feeling it. I don’t exactly know what would be the result but you’ll see. Feeling called to share it? Share it. I need somehow to use the comments of cringe or feeling of shame to use them.

Maybe it’s as simple as this.

Just Create.

Feeling vary about your dancing video? Create another one. I just watched the other of mine videos and there were cool. See you Artsy people!



My goal is creation not attention. Sharing of the creation vibes to the others people lives. I would like a bit of acting though.

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