Mars colony and farts

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I see him, I feel him, I ackowledge him. It’s here. Lets now move on to a topic that is more pressing (irony alert).

Mars colony

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You are listening to a youtube video about The biggest challenges of Mars colony. You hear all the stuff about: “Ohh, the ionizing radiation is more dangerous than non-ionizing” and you nod your head like you understand. You continue listening and catch “It would be hard, to breath” and notice your reaction: “Ha! I already knew this.” Then you pat yourself on the back for big brain.

However one still feels that something is missing. Some really big and pressing challenge. Then it appears “How would we fart out there?”

I know! I am also surprised that they haven’t noticed this mars elephant in the room. Okey before you dismiss this strongly based hypothesis and leave (you are still reading, heyyy), hear me out.

Imagine a situation.

You are under the spherical shelter made out of 310S stainless steel. Outside is raging a terrible mini-rock storm scratching the surface of the sphere and all of a sudden everything calms down. Its quite… you can even hear your thoughts and

“Ohh come one, Joey! Why would you do that?!” They run out because of the smell of the powder food that they are eating for almost half a year already, without noticing that they don’t have a suit on them. Then a breathing problem visits them. Do you see, why this is soo important challange? It’s no joke.

I propose nothing as a solution. Yeah.

Okey, jokes aside I would be curious how astronaut farts at ISS. How do the all gut stuff play out up there.

Like, I assume there is closed ventilation so if you let the boys out in Zvezda (ISS Module) it sucks everything into to the ventilations and throws it at another astronaut in Cupola. She starts to cry, however not because of the Cupola view (youtube link).

So yes big farts, big problems.

Remember:”Who is farting, health is confirming” (saying in our country or something like that, big brain translation)

Byeee, take care.


Me: “I wonder how does one hand clap sound like?” You: ‘Nice try, you were trying to trick me into clapping’

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