Master writers and their muse.

You know the difference between meditation master and just meditation person? No? For sure you do. Just to be sure, let me explain it.

There is this thing in meditation when its not only about noticing how your pinky toe is tingeling or not loosing attention from your breath or any of those ideas.

In meditation the goal (if there even is one) is to see how awarness is already fully present and you don’t need to do anything. Just to be, with whatever thoughts, feelings and perceptions there are.

What meditation masters do, is they build for themselves the pointing out instructions how to access this place of natural awarness.

For comparison with normal meditator this maybe happens randomly or when he uses others pointing instructions. Even thought he can equally acces it at any time because it is right on the surface.

The difference is this skill, or learned ways of how to access it, at any moment.

So now that you understand exactly, what I mean, lets explain another concept, with this one. (I like my brain spoilers)

Calling the muse

This is exactly how I see master writer, and their relationship to a muse. He can access it at whatever moment he wants.

Let me illustrate it on an example:

Standart writer:

The master:

This is how I see, master writers to do the writing. They don’t wait for the muse to come. They attract her.

So until we get to build our ways of inviting the muse, we probably need to relay on this.

Yeah, so just write and maybe the muse will join you in other places than the toilet. Or use your phone on toilet, I don’t know.

Byee and take care,


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Just writing.

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