Meeting a Guy You Once Bullied.

During a walk I’ve met an adult version of a guy, I once pushed as a young boy. And it got me thinking.

I was next to a river having zen thoughts: “Do you hear the water flowing? Listen, just hear it.” While walking back to a route, I stumbled upon two people. One of them I recognized as a guy that I once bullied.

It was a strange situation. He was already an adult boy, having a bigger beard that I do, taller, and we just see each other. He seemed like a normal guy just finishing a run with a friend.

I politely said: “hi.” One of them mumbled hi back, and they continued their path. While walking back I started to think. What would I tell him as a sorry. “Hey, do you remember once I was kinda dick to you?”

It would have been strange let me tell that. I kept thinking about it. It happened when I was with my friend who we did stupid stuff. Not to make an excuse, we all just have these friends when young, that we have fun but sometimes on someone else t-shirt.

The situation itself was like this. We both barked something at them. Making some: “I am stupid, trying to play a boss guy here,” claims and then I pushed him on a bicycle to the grass. I wanted to write now, he was fine and nothing happened to him. Well, but I don’t know the psychological impact it had on him.

They ran away, we laughed with a friend and felt probably good how big and bad boys we are. We were skinny. Very skinny, we just had this age advantage, picking up on younger boys. I fell now a bit of disgust.

What I would say to that guy? I would probably say: “Hey, I don’t know if you remember me, but I just acted like a jerk to you once. I’m sorry.” I kept thinking now of additional sentences: “I didn’t mean that. That was just a kido stupid acting,” but I stopped rather with the “I’m sorry.” This is the thing I would like him to leave with.

I experienced both side of the ail. More of the “I’m shitting my pants they are waiting for me.” but this was the instance where I was the big one. After that experience, I probably crossed the line to teenage years and start being interested in girls rather.

I just wanted to catch it and maybe said what wasn't said then. For anybody who experienced something similar of whatever ail of the this isn’t a nice move island.



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