Rant: Missing a help request, that you didn’t even want to do.

I woke up in a fairly groggy mood. Walk to a window and saw how my brother is full on construction mode building his house.

‘Hmm, interesting’. I waited for my brain to come only and observed them for a while. There were more family members around basically looking.

I felt this strange feeling of missing something. You may ask: “You wanted to help them?”. No! God no.

I just wanted them, to ask me.

A scene:

Them: “Lukas, my majesty, would you be willing to share a shovel with us today?”

Me: ”No! But I appriciate you asking me. That is very nice from you.”

Them: “You’re welcome my majesty.”

I am just waiting for my food supply to be cut.

Have a nice day, byee,


‘I wonder how does one hand clap sounds like?’ You:“I see, you are trying to trick me into clicking the clap!”

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Just writing.

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