My Internet Uncles Joe and Bill Having a Talk

A small moment during JRE podcast, when you realize that they are almost like your uncles speaking, just from far, far away.

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Photo by Jukka Aalho on Unsplash

I think this idea came along the first time when I was listening to both of them speak about Bill Burr wanting to go deeper with his anger issues. It wasn’t a talk anymore. I was there with them emotionally hearing two friends having a talk.

And I started to think about their age like they are 50 years old both. They could be my parents. And some universe coincidence I have this ability to listen to what they are talking about. What they think.

Sitting far away from them, hearing their conversation and having an experience with them. There is less of an input, that you bring to it. It’s more of, it’s past 10pm and you should already be sleeping, and uncles speak in living room and you are just eating all their wisdom while sitting on steps. Hoping no necessity would come along and break what you are experiencing now.

For me I had a conversation with a friend set up. Because of all of it, I just went and postponed it. I didn’t want to break what internet uncles have to say.

No really if you think about it, after some time hearing those people on podcast, they are something for you. Like the old ancestor we live in a one tribe this barrier comes down with internet. Now you have the possibility to have an uncle of Bill Gates. But he will not send you money or that. I know bummer right? But still the knowledge he has to offer.

Yeah, podcast time and genuine talks, I mag that.



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