Observing the Speed of Mind of Miley Cyrus and Bret Weinstein.

Just trying to come up with a nice contrast where you can see different speed of mind spinning.

I just finished writing an article about how does processed sugar influence on the speed of mind spinning. While on that subject I recalled where could one see this difference more clearly.

And I recalled Miley Cyrus and Bret Weinstein on the Joe Rogan experience. You can watch them here. I am going to now. You just feel the fluidity and calmness of his thoughts coming out of him. Fuck, the Miley one. I can still recall how surprised I was when she started. Bam bam bam, thought, thought, thought. And her voice. One manly guy can hide.

Now I could see this pattern a lot a lot of thoughts on multiple creative people, I can see it even with David Choe, in this presentation. Maybe I am biased here. I just.

In my case I am pretty rapid firer without any speed up spinning. I don’t have like better thoughts I just have them many. So it’s easier for me to come up with ideas. This is the nature of my mind. Some people said to me: “I am not that creative as you.” Well yes, and not that anxious too!

One needs to stop judging it. And start looking at it as an ability. A characteristic, you are just rapid firer like Miley Cyrus that’s all. On the other side of the ail you can see people like Eckhart Tholle.

Some of his talks when he is quite, are mesmerizing. I like the ones when he let my brain speak in the pause, and then he says something. Or when you listen to Alan Watts. Just listening to their talk I catch myself, sometimes getting calmer. More walkable.

Yeah, I just. When your mind is spinning you can try to control the speed, or do what meditators do. Let it spin, step outside, and just observe. It’s the simplest thing. Because controlling the speed and trying to calm it down is just. Yeah. I would not give you ways how to step outside here. You can hear that more qualified like Eckhart, Alan or Mingyur Rinpoche. Just google.


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