I was walking alongside the dog house, preparing to go outside with him, and a crazy thought appeared: ”What if I pet him instead of telling him to stop, each time he barks”

I smiled out of this realization and thought: ”This could be a nice thing to share.”

Maybe there are also moments in your life where instead of wanting to stop something you would go and pet it. (Don’t do it with cars, there are some physics laws involved, they seem to, well work).

Maybe your boyfriend does unpleasant sound while eating (smacking). Just go and pet him. He will be so confused and then say: ”If you do not stop with it, I would take out your hair.” or something passive aggressive. It will naturally appear don’t worry.

I haven’t try it with the dog yet, we went for a walk, but I am looking forward to it. (I will try the nice part only, without the passive aggressive)

So yes, the idea is easy; rather than trying to stop it, love it. Maybe it will even stop or not, and you will loose your shit again.

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