Rant: Plenty of opportunities to work. I meant avoid work.

I was cooking morning meal (around lunch time), when my brother’s wife came into kitchen.

I have said to her my story of looking outside of the window, and how I am getting really great at observing, how other people work on their family house.

For no appereant reason, I jokingly went and defend myself: “I worked there already, okey?”

“Yeah what have you done?”, she replied promptly.

Me: “I was looking!”, with a proud face.

She gave me the look.

Me again: “What?! Most of them are doing the same there.” I defended myself this time, successfully.

Then a bit of a chit chat happened.

She: ”Listen, there would be a lot of opportunities for you,” with a reassurance in her voice.

Me: ”To show you, how I avoid work?”

Mom laughing from behind.

Its a nice kitchen time

Bye and take care,


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