Rant: Walking dilemma.

‘Would I do it?’

Its quite okey there, resting not hurting anyone.

Its right next to a fence. Far away from were people walk.

I would let it there.

‘If someone did see you and they will say you didn’t pick it up’

Ohh frick, I just don’t look forward to touching it, okay?

There are people behind me, I have a chance to go by an example.

Where is the fricking, sack.

At least, I have gloves. Yeah 20 degrees Celsius with gloves, just like one usually do.

It does have a meaning now so I can say: ”I didn’t want to take it with bare hands?!“ Like, if the one layer of protection isn’t enough.

Okay, finally here it goes the moment.

Ohh, I would let it here. Is really nicely hidden.

“Fuck!” Just okay, I will pick it up, but only the two of them, the rest I’ll let there, under the bush.

Funny today’s are quite stiff. I like that. It is easier to pick them up.

‘Hey people behind me, see I am disgusting example.’ Well not I am, the thing that I do is disgusting, but I am an exaple for others.

Yeah, now to hold it till I come home. He doesn’t want to smell it, look at him! “Hah, it’s yours you animal,” I needed to pick it up for a calm mind.

You guess it is a lost dog’s leg. Sometimes he loose them. Yep, or is it?

bye Luke

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Just writing.

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