Rounded back because of a pencil.

“Oh not again, my back is rounded. My breath is shallow as oil on a pan and welcome the anxious state of my mind.”

This is what I noticed or should I rather say; caught myself at 10pm experiencing in front of a working table. (Yeah he has a label working, so I don’t eat in front of him.) Back to the back.

Yesterday when I encounter it, I notice something on top of the usual: ”What if I’m rounded because I can’t see the writing properly?”

It make sense that I would unconsciously round just to see what I write. The room was kinda darker and the pencil well it was grey on a white paper.

I’m trying to come up with a cool comment over the grey on a white background, and nothing is coming. As contrasting as grey pants in front of a concrete. There you go. Moving on!

I grabbed the other one and it was better right away. It wasn’t like I was reading it, I think my brain just wanted to see what he writes. It makes sense. I think, I did round again habitually then, but it was a bit better.

What I like about the insight is that by changing the environment I could change the posture effortlessly. Psychologist call this tactic; priming your environment. Influencing your environment you can change the behavior of the ape (Me).

Maybe you also have an unconscious environment influence around you that makes your posture go round, your breath shallow and peacefulness of the mind after hour of sitting out of the window, all happening behind the curtain of awareness.

Yeah, awareness on you human!

Bye and see ya tomorrow,


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