Observation What Running Does to Your Mind

How this monotone, repetitive, low level physical activity, can shake your looping thoughts off. And some humor for Runner’s sake.

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I was running. Normally, with my legs you know. One leg after another. Like not that I have more, I am not spider even thought it might be cool. I just saw the one from Harry which made this sneaky point that he wouldn’t eat Hagrid, but he cannot forbid Hagrid friends. Betrayal! Where we were oh yes, running.

Well my feet were wet. I was in a river and I felt this; Let’s run. Okay, I recalled a video where Exurb1a talks about running, and how it shakes out his thoughts, and usually that’s where he comes with ideas for videos, and deal with heavy thoughts: “Would I eat with a fork, or chopstick?” And inspired by that went for it Rocky style: “tudu tuuuu, tudu tuuuu tuduu tutdudututtudud” can you hear in this personification of the song? I can. “Tuduutuuuu….”

After starting, I immediately recalled how my ancestors were running. Not that I know, but I knew a guy, Rich Roll who spoke with a guy, lets call him Obo. And he spoke about how to use the least amount of energy while running. The tactic is easy. You are falling and trying to not fall. Get it? You bend forward and just try to not fall. Perpetual not falling. And that’s how you run for forever. Granted, my squeaky shoes were heavy, but I felt like Jagr, training with a weight on his ice skates.

“Would I stop here?” a thought visiting me with a first turn home. Thinking about it now, funny how they just accidentally arise with a first escape route. To keep us okay. Not really in discomfort. I am judging this thought, already. Nevertheless, I continued, and saw other people. Not running, biking. Felt good about myself: “Ha! They are cheating, run that’s for tuff people.” My feet started to hurt, body wasn’t very in line with the thought of running a lot my first run after a year. My meal was coming back: “I thought you were already sorted out.” It wasn’t.

But then there is this zen like; keep going. “There we are, yeah just don’t mess with me I am running, doing just let me run.” my body saying. That’s a phase where a smile comes to a face and you forget about the wet squeaky shoes. The problems arising, pass away as fast as the grass around. They are still there, they just don’t stick for a long time. Your view just shakes from side to side, not really focusing anywhere.

“Sun!” I stopped. It’s time to take a vitamins pause. Pause later: “Running?” and again those “No, just don’t overdo it first run.” It’s a funny thought dance. I walked fast, and started to run again. To not bore us anymore, I couldn’t stop. Yeah, I was heading home and was like: “I don’t want to end this.” I started to circle around still running wherever I could. I even went back a bit and again. There was this what Exurb1a talk about. Or I think this was it.

Finally, stopped and one thing I’m for sure, my body agree and don’t agree with it. I just it is fun but it hurts.

One leg after another,
you don’t have eight legs, like a spider.

One leg after another,
I keep squaking all over the route another,

One leg after another,
Thats some monotone shit, my mind like to feel rather,

One leg after another,
the meal I ate is coming from end another.

One leg after another,
Please don’t stop, we would like one kilometer another.


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