The Jerk Leadership Idea

How the attention seeking the Jerk behaviors may be a feature of people, and not a bug.

Listening to a Lex Fridman podcast he talked with a guy behind Java, the programming language about leadership.

They talk about Steve Jobs, Elon got involved even though I don’t think he was with this point. Mr. Gosling said: “People sometimes confuse that the success they made is because they were jerks on people. Somehow you need to be a Jerk, to be successful.” Like that’s the memo you can get from it.

“I know a lot of successful people that are perfectly fine people, and successful.. But the press usually lifts those jerks into the air.”

That’s where I thought: “It makes sense.” No really if you think about human beings, lets pick one. From the biology or survival perspective he needed to be more aware of the dangers. The stuff that are more jerk like behaviors to protect his butt. Because of that ancestor feature, now we have our attention seeking those Jerk like behaviors.

Now take that one person, and multiple him to a big human colossus. Now, you have a one big person, whose focus his attention on this jerk like behaviors. Combine it with attention seeking platform, news and “Vuala”. You’ve got the phenomena. And it’s not necessarily out of: “let’s watch those jerks” but it’s more of a reflex.

That’s what I meant by the: “It makes sense”.



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