The universe replied

Today my article about using graphic tablets in Figma was noticed by one UX publication and I just wanted to share it with you.

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When I’ve got an email saying: “Someone wrote you a note to your article,” it hit me at a time when I was in a hurry, my computer was stuck and internet gone.

Because I shared it on a LinkedIn, I thought it would be someone from my UX circles saying: “Hey man, I disagree.” Or something along the lines of “Your idea is refused by the Public Jury of more skilled Designers.” Those type of feelings. Fear of rejection basically.

I didn’t even open the mail, I went to a b-day celebration and didn’t want to argue inside me with that person. (See the train of thoughts created by me, not looking at the actual email and what was inside me?)

Moving on. I went to a b-day party, and after some time I was like: “I wonder what is inside the email.” I try to protect myself from looking at the stats and the measure of likes/reaction on the sites. It just took me into this place of checking it regularly and not being happy. Yeah, you are not creating when checking the stats.

Where we were oh yes, I opened the mail and clicked on the email. Start to read and find out that an editor from the biggest UX related publication on medium UX Collective wrote me, that they would be interested in publishing the story in the publication. His first words were: “Such a great story …”

And I started to smile. “Like what?” I was so surprised and couldn’t like explain it to myself. “How did this happened? Did the LinkedIn post blow up or how?” I was smiling, yes.

It wasn’t like I intended it or anything, I just wrote a story that I found something interesting while interacting with a graphic tablet inside designer tool Figma. I just noticed a thing there. Yeah, here is the article Designing UI with graphic tablets inside Figma. (It’s focus on Designers though.)

What I wanted to say by this article is that; sit from the other side of the table, create, write, publish and then the universe would bring you some surprising replies. Just try it out. Like my worst scenario was to like hide the post and myself from the world.

Yeah, universe times.

Have a nice day, and some surprising replies from universe too,



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