Training writing like a Rocky

Connecting the insights from body workout world with the world of writing and seeing how hardcore training might not be the way.

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Read this word cross-correlations. I just wanted you to enjoy it too. Cross-corre…. To the topic!

I’ve just finished listening to a guy that speaks about workouts. And his message was: “Don’t over workout, the moment you are sore, you overdid it.” I started to connect it to writing. Is there a soreness with writing, I don’t know maybe. Listen, I am trying to find a cross-correlation.

Now he speaks about how if his maximum is 10 push against gravity while in a position where equipment is touching the floor. That’s your maximum. Now he says, you shouldn’t go for the 10. You should go 7. The goal should be not to be sore.

And I connected it to the knowledge that I somewhere read about writers, that it’s not only important to start but to know when to stop. That’s as importan. It’s all so confusing everyone is throwing around those important words. Like my body is getting tense when you say it. Just could you play around more, less heaviness please.

Now the other point that he make is, “When you are going max, it’s may not be fun.” Like the mental energy you would need to drag yourself to the gym would be like me to drag myself to somehow sort the rice problem. No I would not explain it. Get use to it. On the other hand, when you are having fun there not pushing hardcore, you can train every day. And 4 hardcore training per week are less than 7 training per week. Over Mars year you would have 668 training days compared to the “Hard core, tudutuuu tudutuuu.” 381 days.

See the difference in the volume. I really wonder if there is something like writing exhaustion. And how this could effect your writing practice. I would like to call it play but still. To put the words in an order that would create a funny word order.

On top of that I would make a bit detour. Margaret Atwood or how is her name said in the promotional Master Class video, that when you are blocked, you should do something repetitive, with hand or do something that would usually bring it up. And I can attest. Sometimes the best sentences or stuff I just write it out after being outside and helping to harvest plums. Think about your body as an antenna. The better you take care of your antenna, the better the connection to that thing would be.

And she also recommends sleep. Which reminds me that I should end this tangent soon and go to sleep. Editing is the biggest drainer sometimes.

Forever conclusions

I really like connecting the advice across a platform. Especially when you see the connection. I even sometimes approach advice for writing, that I don’t want any. I would rather see it elsewhere and then transfer it here. Who knows. I just enjoy when I see the correlation and then can pat myself for seeing it. You should too. It’s all connected.

There is a training, meditation training that would be maybe like a general workout for the body, but I would not go there. Maybe check out Douglas Harding speaking about creativity. His approach is experimental. Which reminds me to come up with a trigger to practice it.

I don’t want to overtax my system, so to summarize write, sleep, write, run, write, move, write and have a nice puuuuf.


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