When situations becomes fun memories.

Contemplating about when it’s the time when the unfunny situations at the moment, becomes funny.

I don’t know what I would talk about today. I Just watched a lot of comics making fun of stuff. Yeah, I am just serving you a pile of abstract thoughts.

Listen today I tried to draw my vision at least for a month. What I mean by that, imagine your goal where you wanna be, and then draw it. So next time you could write all the fear that come along the way. It’s getting boring. Already.

Let’s go and write something funny. Because this is how you do, you ask for it and it would come. I don’t know, Okay I know, I am thinking about doing a stand up. Yeah, I do. Like jump on a stage with no preparation what so ever and then bombing. But bombing in a such a way that it would be funny.

You know how you say a joke and the other person don’t laugh. I got this the other week. I told a translated joke to my friend, and he didn’t get it, not my translation fault okay? There are tip-top! And I thought it was funny the situation, then we started to laugh. Or I did laugh, and he just was: ”He laughs lets laugh.”

Okay, I can do this in front of the audience. Then bring some family trouble and keep going. This is what I fear, that there are some part of me hurt, and when going to this family material, I would get emotional, and it would totally change the situation.

You can make fun of stuff, but sometimes it doesn’t fit. Like someone was being drunk and then doing stuff, see how abstract it gets only talking about it. And then in this situation saying: “I think your eyes are kinda funny, they are all glassy. You look like a Voldemort but with a nose.” Whaaat? Okay, thats what I laugh.

Does anybody laugh now. I would probably not post this. I really get pump listening to Bill Burr or other comics. Mainly Bill, he just goes for his rants over the world opinions. I feel the connection there this complaining but at least in a funny way.

I thought to myself that when we meet, I want to go into battle over why football is called football in America when they are using hands! I know nothing super original, but I still think, I can have an original take on it. Sorry I wouldn’t use it here, I would do it with a bill first time.

Oh no, I just reserved a pretty good bit, for him. But whatever. Fear it’s fun. I feel cringe writing it. Not always but not at the moment but afterwards. Isn’t it? Like those are the stories you talk about.

“I didn't know how he was on the top of the fence and the dogs were just running around the place” Oh or here I have one. My cousin pepe, was once attempted to be eaten by a chicken. Chicken revenge to a humanity. Yeah, fun time. But not at the moment for him let me tell you.

Isn’t it strange how we glance over it, I don’t think strange, but we just remember it as a funny situation. Like, I once remember being stuck at NY airport, for the night and people getting pissed over it, and I looked at them from far ahead already traveling like 14 hours probably, and started with code brown at a starting destination.

I was even dissecting my poop color and paid 20 dollars to get the connection and send my girlfriend message stating: “What should I do like it seems green, and I wasn’t farting because I didn’t want to inside the plane” overly worried.

She was laughing and me? No not really. I was really worried but now, I laugh. Do you see it? Again this at the moment tense, and now fun.

I think that it needs time. Like if it’s still fresh not lived you like let it live within you, and then when ready the jokes would come. I wouldn’t start with a joke.

Friend crying over a dog and me saying: “He was kinda a funny wanting to hold everybody's leg and do the movements” then he looks at you, with half sorrow eyes. Yeah, that moment isn’t probably the one for a joke yet. Maybe later, but not yet.

But he really did spray on ones guy pants once. They were laughing and all “Look at him he is doing this funny movements” and then yeah. Hopefully I remember it correctly.

Bill Burr vibes are living within me. I think even the part of the Europe I come from is kinda this ruff humor. Or making fun of each other, picking each other apart. I am gonna message a friend that I didn’t for a long time. We should have fun.

So have fun people and message a friend you haven’t for a long time,



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