Writing Workouts inspired by Body Workouts

How my hunt for creating a long term writing regime broad me to some weird connection games with the Body workout regimes.

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I just watched a Joe Rogan podcast with a guy that his skull was ripped. Like did he workout even that? You do have a respect, just looking at his forehead. Look at his skull Jesus.

Now because I am on this strange quest to create a writing practice for me and I see that I can use a lot of knowledge from the workout world. Here is the thing. You know how you feel anxious but few moments later on the toilet, you found out it was something different. Yeah, I think there is a body mind connection. Strong evidence by the poop community. Therefor whatever advice he gives people on how to train, could be applicable to mind workouts right?

You know how some got burned out, or however they call it. No not by the fire, we probably all experienced that. Fire is a friend, but a bad hand lotion. I think that’s that. It’s less obvious when we have sore mind muscles then when it comes to body. Not that I have one, except the giant biceps that is under my finger right now. Just try him. I am sorry people. This is how I write.

Because of that I plan I don’t know how it would play out, but I would use the knowledge from this ripped skull guy to apply it to a writing practice. I just need to research it a bit more now. So wait till I come with a plan.

There is this idea that if you would slowly progressively increase the weight that you are training with, that you would get ripped till Christmas. That’s not the case totally.

The step training

Okay now for the writing practice it would have a static number of words for a long time and then jump to maybe double then. Make a step not a progression.

“Russion scientist discovered that your endocrine system can take 2 weeks out of 4 of heavy loading.” I don’t know what it means, but I hear first time the Russian scientist, so I needed to write it down. I am bamboozled.

Somewhere in the middle of rewatching it again I felt this: “Yeah, maybe we got all the knowledge let’s move on. I don’t know about the stiff regime of word counts.” As I do, I didn’t listened to it, and kept watching till the end. Wasn’t super bored, but I started to get rational and stiff with the plans. And I don’t like that.

Here are some things that I took from it.


There comes a time for intensity, but not every day man.

There was also this idea of 1 more rep. Which can get really bad. Again time and place for intensity. I can see that sometimes with writing, I do one more explanation. One unnecessary explanation. Like right now. Write more, push a bit more. No, just learn when to stop. On the top of the hill it’s probably the time to stop.

The last and maybe the biggest, I needed to stop because I was getting strong just watching it. There is an over training. Like even with creation I see that, I can push too much. Write too much, or those stuff. Maybe I can be more, consistent then trying everyday hard. How maybe even watching stuff, podcast may influence how much words I consume and write out. It all may counts in the end of the mind day. I would be like a monk now, not speak at all, and then bam bam write stuff.

Oh yes, he also talks about specific training and general workouts. Where general is good for every healthy chimp, the specific depends on the sport you want to focus. In my case, I saw it as general the writing and specific the Stand-up comedy. Which again may be the fast muscle fiber, fast twitch. Bam bam bam another joke. That’s what I would practice.

Fun metaphor correlations

Repetition — how many thoughts would you write.

Intensity (Weight)— the amount of words, in that thought. You know the longer the sentence, the heavier it gets.

Pauses between sets are the time you rest between writings. Fast fibers, fast stories fast punchlines, slow fibers, long stories, detailed environments.

And then you can play out the different regimes.

For strength

Find your max repetition, you go all out write as much as possible thoughts in one take. In training, you should be doing between 1/3 to 2/3 of that.

Beginners should go for the heavy sentences at all. That’s me right there.

That’s to get strong, with fast muscles.

Make a big step with heaviness of the senteces.

I’m sorry I would finish here for now. And finish it tomorrow.

For cardio

Overall, I saw value there. But I would not restrict myself too much with the word counts and time repetitions. I would experiment rather and see what worked and what didn’t. I think I would be marked by that knowledge but, I want to forget and be free to experiment. Which reminds me to get back into the writing experiments from last week. I look forward to them.

Oh and here is the podcast link. Gotcha you, that’s Bill Burr. The Pavel Tsatsouline is here.

See you Rocky writing people,

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Just writing.

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